Kuvassa kaksi henkilö kahvilla, kuvan yleisilme vaalea

Altogether 160 Lockdown Dialogues were held on five different days of discussion sessions from April to early June. These online dialogues attracted 1,100 people from different age groups and occupations from all over the country: from Lapland in the north to Uusimaa in the south, and from all points east to west.

There were also participants from elsewhere in Europe, Asia and the American continent. The Lockdown Dialogues were organised by 80 actors from all corners of society: organisations, municipalities, government ministries, religious communities, companies and private individuals.

The Lockdown Dialogues continued in the autumn 2021 under the title “Life after the lockdown”.

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The Dialogue Academy, the Timeout, the Ministry of Justice, Sitra, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Finance are responsible for coordinating the exceptions dialogues, compiling the summary and forwarding it to the state and municipal administrations, and publishing it for public use.